The Brighter Plan 2032

Uniquely built on NTPC’s vision, our sustainability strategy i.e. The Brighter Plan 2032 aims to accelerate NTPC’s efforts in leading the energy transition to a decentralised, decarbonised and digitalised energy future on TBL (Triple Bottom Line) framework and setting new benchmarks in sustainability along the entire energy value chain

The Brighter Plan 2032 is an integral part of NTPC’s core business strategy i.e. Corporate Plan 2032 and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and India’s INDCs and other commitments for Sustainability. It provides a broad framework for the company’s priorities to meet the challenges in seven focus areas (priority material issues) i.e. Decarbonisation & Air emissions control, Water & Biodiversity Conservation, Circular Economy, Health and Safety, Community Development, Strong Finance & Ethics and Sustainable Supply Chain.

The plan focuses on ensuring the sustainability of NTPC’s business operations through co-creating innovative and sustainable solutions for better and greener energy future, leading to profitable business growth, reduced costs and mitigating risks of doing business in VUCA world. This will enable NTPC in delivering a Progressive Business, Greener Environment and Enriched Lives to create shared value for all.

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