Human Resources

People before PLF (Plant Load Factor)' is the guiding philosophy behind the entire gamut of HR policies at NTPC. We are strongly committed to the development and growth of all our employees as individuals and not just as employees. We currently employ 17,794 people at NTPC (including JVs and Subsidiaries). Productivity in terms of Man: MW ratio has improved from 0.51 in 2016-17 to 0.3 during 2020-21.

Our HR Vision

To enable our people to be a family of committed world class professionals, making NTPC a learning organization.

Competence building, Commitment building, Culture building and Systems building are the four building blocks on which our HR systems are based.


We believe in the philosophy of 'Grow your own timber'. Our 'Executive Trainee' program was introduced in 1977 with the objective of raising a cadre of homegrown professionals. ETs are hired based on GATE score (Engineers) or nation-wide open competitive examinations (for functions like HR/Finance, etc). Recently we have introduced psychometric tests to map the culture fit of the candidate with the organization. For non-executive positions, induction is done at the level of Diploma Trainee (DT) & Artisan Trainee (AT). For short-term requirements of particular skill, fixed tenure recruitments have been introduced in NTPC.

Hiring is followed by 52 weeks of fully paid induction training consisting of theoretical input, on job training, personality development & management modules. The induction program helps to assimilate the new recruits coming from diverse backgrounds into the organizational values / culture and to impart the required knowledge & skills to perform the job.

Career Advancement & Opportunities

A well-established talent management system comprising of Performance Management System, Leadership Development System, Career Development Scheme and Succession Planning Scheme is in place to ensure that we fulfill our promise of meaningful growth and relevant challenges for our employees.

The career development of individuals is linked to diverse job exposure, location exposure, learning input through planned interventions, clearance of online e-learning functional & cross-functional modules and administration of assessment tools.

Rewards & Recognitions

We recognize the importance of Rewards and Recognition to employees in building the performance culture of the organization. To this end, we have created a culture of rewards and appreciation through celebration of various achievements and recognizing the contributions behind each success.

Learning & Development

Training needs identified during performance discussion and filling of Individual Development Plans form the basis of training calendar.

Access to e-Learning courses on Management and technical topics from renowned bodies has been given to NTPC employees to facilitate anytime/anywhere self-paced training facility where employee can schedule his/her learning at own ease. The modules are accessible through Web based portal. In 2017-18, 2000 identified executives were allowed access to Harvard Manage Mentor (HMM) online courses where each user had to complete 21 online modules in 11 months. 2000 more executives have been allowed access for the same in 2018-19.1000 NTPC employees have been provided General Physics e-Learning on Power Plant related technical modules on various areas of Power Plant functionalities. 150 modules on Power Plant Familiarization and Safety are to be completed in a period of one year.

To meet the academic aspirations of employees and match them with the needs of the organization, NTPC has a policy for Company Sponsorship and Study Leave for Higher Education.

Innovate, Create, Compete

NTPC has introduced numerous initiatives that seek to enhance the creativity, innovation and spirit of healthy competition among its employees. These platforms give individuals the opportunity to enhance their personal growth, and at the same time, contribute to the organization. These initiatives include NTPC Open Competition for Executive Talent (NOCET-a theme based annual competition), NTPC Business Minds (Simulation Game Challenge). Last year 93 teams all over NTPC participated in the NOCET competition and 1872 executives participated in NTPC Business Minds games. Medha Pratiyogita, an annual quizzing event for employees and families is a unique employee engagement activity which witnessed an overwhelming participation of 3684 contestants last year . There are 150+ active Professional circles in NTPC and nearly 2000 employees participate in the Quality Circles to find solutions to problems in shop floor level.

Knowledge Management in NTPC

An IT enabled Knowledge Management System helps in capturing, assimilating and retrieving unstructured and structured knowledge in NTPC.

A reader to this document can give a feedback, ask a question on the document or start a discussion. Thus, not only a repository of knowledge-based documents is being created, but also, tacit knowledge sharing is being facilitated by the interactions.

Quality of Work-Life

NTPC is committed to provide the best available work life for its employees. Far removed from the buzz of cities, our townships are the epitome of serenity, natural beauty and close community living.

A range of welfare and recreation facilities including schools, hospitals, shopping centres, recreation centres, club, gym, pool etc. are provided at the townships to enhance the quality of life & the well-being of employees and their families.

NTPC Darshan - Life in NTPC Townships....Click here to view. (Film on NTPC, focusing on its history, growth, future plans, achievements, facilities at projects/stations, about townships, work life culture, etc.)


Employee Welfare

An entire gamut of benefits, from paid Childcare leave to Post-retirement Medical benefits to Family Economic Rehabilitation are extended to employees to meet any exigency that may arise in a person’s life.

Providing Urban Facilities at Projects/Stations(PUPs) of NTPC has been another unique initiative to create better working & living conditions for employees & their families, to meet the changing needs & aspirations of young employees. From feedback of employees the concept of Club Cinema through for screening of latest movies , wi-fi facilities in hostels, recreation centers, guest houses and offices , facility for e book in the libraries of recreation centers have been started in the power stations.

Medical- telemedicine, smart card

NTPC provides full medical cover to the employee and his/her dependents. The medical cover consists of cost of consultation, hospitalization, medical tests and hospitalization of all dependent members of the family.

NTPC owned hospitals provide round the clock service to its employees posted at NTPC townships situated at far-off locations with the support of its full time doctors, nurses and hospital administration staff. We also have empanelled 250+ specialty and super specialty hospitals across approx. 25 cities/towns for providing specialist treatment to our employees. Any employee can walk in and avail medical treatment billed to company by producing his Medical Smart Card (for hospitalization cases). There is no cap on the expense incurred on treatment of the employee or his dependent members of the family. With the objective of providing best medical facilities to its employees, even at the remotest of the locations, NTPC recently rolled out an initiative called "Tele Medicine". Under this initiative, patients could consult live with specialists of reputed super-specialty hospitals through tele-video conferencing. The initiative has met with resounding success. Ambulances equipped with Advanced Life Support systems are available at power plants to cater to medical emergencies.

100 % preventive medical checkup is aimed at for all employees. Also awareness programs - lectures & camps by specialists on medical & lifestyle are conducted regularly for greater awareness.

We have been awarded with Platinum award-2017-18 from Arogya World for health inititaives.

We value our people and their contributions for the company even after their retirement. Post Retirement Medical Scheme (PRMS) is in place for employees who have retired from the services of the Company and their spouses.

Seeking Feedback

Regular feedback is taken from employees by conducting organizational climate surveys and employee satisfaction surveys. The purpose is to seek employee feedback on various systems. Through surveys, employee contribute towards improvement of various systems within organization by giving their valuable feedback.

The Trust Index score based on feedback from our employees by the well known Great Places to Work survey is 84 % where organizational pride is well above the national average at 91%.

Shared Services

NTPC introduced HR Unified Services wherein certain HR functions of all units of a region have been centralized. An Unified HR Services portal facilitates the process where employees can login into the portal and raise their service requests.

A Shared HR Services Group from a common location in the region delivers these services resulting in reduction of manpower engaged in these activities and greater economies of scale due to centralization of activities. Application status can be tracked at employee’s end resulting in greater accountability. Also, with no requirement of sending hard copies to HR the functioning supports the paperless initiative of the company.


NTPC has best in class practices that are thoughtfully designed and robustly executed. The efforts by NTPC to constantly re-invent and keep up with the times have bestowed numerous awards and recognitions that reinforce our HR philosophy and practices.

NTPC has consistently featured in the list of India's Top 50 Best Companies to Work for the past 14 years in a row and recognized as "Laureate" by the prestigious Great Place to Work Institute. We are currently placed 15th in Asia and India's best Public Sector Enterprise, the Best Workplace in Energy, Oil & Gas Sector and one of the Top 30 India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing 2021. 

NTPC also ranks 1st among Indian PSUs in Forbes’ World’s Best Employer 2020.

The prestigious ATD Best Award 2020 for talent development initiatives has recognized our L&D and Talent management practices for successively four years. The "Silver Medal" in the "Best Use of Blended Learning Category" by Brandon Hall Group, USA was awarded to NTPC in 2019.

Our annual event- Electron Quiz for students of reputed Engineering colleges and management institutes from all over the country saw participation from nearly 566 teams last year.

Equal Opportunity Employer

At NTPC Limited, We recognize the value of diverse workforce. NTPC Limited is committed to provide equal opportunities in employment and creating an inclusive work place and work culture in which all employees are treated equally with respect and dignity. Click here

Contributing to the neighborhood

NTPC has always been at the forefront in uplifting the lives of women and girl child and help them become self-reliant. In May 2018, NTPC launched "Girl Empowerment Mission" to empower and educate girls in and around NTPC projects. In this unique CSR initiative to support the cause of Girl Child, there are 392 girls in the age group of 10-12 years participating in a four-week Residential Workshop.

NTPC aims to make every girl aware about essential education, health and self-defense through tailor-made programs covering basic communication skills in Hindi & English, elementary education in Maths, hygiene & nutrition, yoga and sports. To develop their social skills, talks on gender diversity issues, group activities, movie screening on social issues, cyber safety, music, dance, theatre, etc., are organized.

Website for NTPC Ex-employees

To visit the website: https://ntpcexemployees.ntpc.co.in/

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